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International Journal of Educational Researchers (IJERs) is a fully refereed electronic journal owned by Educational Research Association and published by International Association of Educators. IJERs has been launched as an online journal rather than a paper-based journal in order to reach as many readers as possible in the most convenient manner. IJERs is interested in research into all aspects of education. The aim of the journal is to assist in the improvement of teaching-learning in fields related to the process of teaching-learning, and to make a contribution to knowledge in this field by serving as an outlet for the results of theoretical and practical research by specialists and instructors to be disseminated to interested audience.

ISSN : 1308 - 9501
Publisher : International Association of Educators
Journal Abbreviation: IJERs

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Top Ranked Articles

The Effect Of Jigsaw-I Cooperative Learning Technique On Students’ Understanding About Basic Organic Chemistry Concepts


pp. 30-37   |  Number of Views: 1405  |  Number of Download: 1901

Volume 4, Issue 2

Safety and Risk: Benefits of Outdoor Play For Child Education

Hicran Malıyok

pp. 50-62   |  Number of Views: 978  |  Number of Download: 1587

Volume 6, Issue 3

Vocabulary Learning Strategy Preferences and Vocabulary Size of Pre-service English Teachers

Sabriye Şener

pp. 15-33   |  Number of Views: 851  |  Number of Download: 1476

Volume 6, Issue 3

The Relationship between Internet Addiction, Peer Pressure and Perceived Social Support among Adolescents

Binnaz Kıran Esen & Mehmet Gündoğdu

pp. 29-36   |  Number of Views: 2005  |  Number of Download: 1464

Volume 1, Issue 2

The Relationship between Students’ Residence Type and Academic Achievement

Sevinç Yerli Usul

pp. 9-14   |  Number of Views: 1261  |  Number of Download: 1229

Volume 8, Issue 2